What is Content Writing And How To Do it in 2021?

What is content writing?
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Nowadays people think that earning online is not a real and stable job. Although there are many people who are fully aware that earning online is just as stable and profitable as other jobs, they are just confused about how to make use of all the opportunities available? In this article today, We are going to talk about the most popular way of earning money through content writing.


What is content writing?

Content writing is everything anyone can write an article, a letter, a notice, but the major types of Content on the Internet are -:

Audio Content – the one you can only listen to e.g. podcast, FM

Video Content – The content that can be viewed and heard as well sometimes. Like- YouTube Videos, Web Series, Movies etc.

Text Content – that can only be read. Like-Article, Book, blogs.


  • Importance of Content Writing:

The question might be arising in many of the minds reading this that “who needs content writing and why?”

In fact, there are many people who have their own blogs or news websites. These people make a lot of content just in order to run their websites well and they face problems when they can’t make as much content

For example, if a news website needs to print 20 posts a day, but only one person works for it and he can print only 10 posts in a day, then this is when a content writer is needed.

Now the owner of that website outsources the content writers from outside to reduce their workload and to produce sufficient amount of content, that is, by paying them to get their work done. Content writers get paid per word.

Apart from this, there are many people who are not that good at writing contents, so they just hire a content writer instead.

Apart from this, many newspapers and magazines hire well-known experts and content writers and pay them a tremendous amount of salary.


  • Who is a content writer?

A content writer is a person who can write good articles on any subject given.

For example, if a person writes content for a newspaper, magazine or blogging website, then he can be called a content writer.

  • Freelance Content Writing – A person who writes content independently. That is, he is not permanently attached to any company. He does not receive any regular salary. He signs a contract for the people or a company he is paid for.
  • Regular Content Writing Job – Content writers who are associated with an organization and most of the time write content for the same organization. Such writers are paid by the company on a monthly basis. Such writers mostly work in the office, although this is not necessary.
  • Online Content Writers – When we sit at home and take content project with the help of internet; Send them to the client and take payment, then it is called online mode of content writing. Nowadays it is the most popular method for content writers.
  • Offline Content Writing – When we do content writing through post offices or any other offline means, then it is called offline content writing. Earlier it was very popular but nowadays not so much.
  • SEO “Search Engine Optimization” – it is to rank the content at a good position among search engines. So if you are writing content for a blog, then you must know about SEOs.
  • Content Project – The amount of contents that a person has to write is called a content project.
  • Negotiation – When we bargain to increase our PPW, it is called negotiation.
  • Freelancer– A person who works at home without being connected to a company is called a freelancer.


  • How to learn and how to do content writing? 

“Content writing is not rocket science. Any person who reads it a little bit can easily do it, provided that he is very fond of writing.”

So if you want to do content writing and want to earn money sitting at home with the help of this, then follow the steps given below-

  1. First find out what you have knowledge about; What subject, which topic would you like to write about.
  1. Once you find out your interests, now it is time to find the client.
  2. now you can start writing about the topic given by your client and send it to them when complete.
  3. After this you can take your work payment from your client through Google Pay, UPI, Bank Transfer (NIFT) or PayPal (International) etc.


  •       How to find content writing clients?

For this, you must first go to Facebook and search – “Content Writing Groups”.

You will see many groups in front of you. You have to join some of them. Keep in mind that you should join                   only such groups with which many people are connected.

You have to comment on such posts. And at the same time you have to send a direct message to the person who   wrote the post (if they have mentioned an email in the post then you can also mail).

After this, you can discuss further things like quantity of work, word count and PPW (rate).

Many clients ask for a sample written by you. So they can know how you write, you have to give them a small       article, on which they decide how well you write.

Apart from Facebook groups, you can also reach the client from many other places like – LinkedIn, Freelancing Sites, WhatsApp Groups etc. But Facebook groups are the best.


  • How to write good content?

Someone has rightly said- “To be a good speaker you must first be a good listener and to be a good writer, it is very important to be a good reader first.”

So if you want to make your content great then first study about your topic thoroughly; do enough research on the internet about it.

After this, if you have any experience or anecdote related to that topic, then also share it as an example. This makes your content more interesting to read. It is better to write the content by breaking it into short paragraphs.


  • How to become a good content writer?

To be a good content writer, it is very important to have these things in you-

you must have a strong hold in the language in which you want to write content.

Your writing style i.e. writing style should be attractive and good.

If you want to earn good money in less time by writing content, then your writing speed should be good.


Some important things related to content writing -:

Mention that you’re a content writer on your social media accounts; this increases your chances of getting content projects.

Create your account on freelancing sites like-freelancer.com and upwork.

Learn the art of writing good content. So that you’re content clients stay happy with you and keep you working continuously.

Make good contacts with your client. Keep in touch with them through the social Medias you use.

Keep writing constantly; this will increase your experience, so that you will be able to produce even better content. In this way your PPW (rate) will also increase.


How to make money from content writing?

(Earn Money Through Content Writing From Home):

You can easily earn money through following content steps-:


First read some books related to your topic, read blogs and read magazines.

Then practice writing. Discover new ways of writing; Try new writing styles.

In this way, when you start writing well, find content clients for yourself with the help of Facebook groups, whatsapp groups or freelancing sites. Discuss the deal with them.

Once the deal is complete, start writing content. When content writing is complete, create its text file and send it to the client.

After this, ask your client for the payment. You can take payment through UPI, Paytm, GPay, PayPal or NEFT.

This way you can easily earn money by content writing.


How much money can you make from content writing?

It is a bit difficult to give a simple answer to how much money you can earn from content writing. Because how much you earn from content writing depends on your hard work.

Your earnings depend on how much time you give to content writing during the day; what are your rate and your writing speed.


Content Writing Tools

A computer, tablet, or smartphone (although writing content from a phone will be a bit difficult)

Writing Software (Notepad, WordPad, MS Word)

Online banking or UPI account (Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm)

Email / Gmail Account


Content Writing Free Softwares -:


You can use WordPad (free) and MS Word (paid) on the computer for content writing. In this, you can create your .rtf or .docx file by typing your content and sending it to your client.


Apart from this, you can do content writing via smartphone or tablet and for this you can use MS Word or Google Docs Apps.


What is website content writing? (Web Content Writing):

When content is written for a website or blog, it is called Web Content Writing. In such type of content writing, keywords are taken care of very much and SEO of the content is also done.


What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing and Type of Content Marketing.

If you are writing content for yourself, that is, you have your own blog for which you are producing content, and then in this situation, you have to write the content as well as promote it, also make it accessible to the people.


Content Writing Tips:

Write quality content. Do not let the quality of your content fall in the circle of earning more money.

Keep your clients happy. If clients will be happy with you then there is a lot of possibility that they will choose you for their other projects too. You can write a little more than the word limit to keep your client happy. For example, if you have to write an article of 500 words, then you can do it of 600 words.


How to get a content writing job?

To find a content writer job , you can create an account on sites like LinkedIn and go there and apply for the posts of content writers in your area.

Remember, content writing jobs are different from freelance content writing. In a content writing job you have to leave from home for office, whereas in freelancing you can work from home.


Blogging vs. Freelancing

In blogging you have to write content for yourself whereas in freelancing you have to write content for another person.

In very simple words, blogging is like a business while freelancing is like a job.

So if you have patience and you are thinking of earning money for long term then blogging can prove to be the better option for you. At the same time, if you want to earn money in a short time, you can try freelancing. If you want, you can do both together.

you can make a lot of money if you have a very keen interest in writing. If you write a very good content, then the rate of your content also increases significantly. So keep learning and keep writing.

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