What is Content Marketing and Type of Content Marketing.

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Traditional marketing is dying. It has become less and less effective to run traditional marketing. And the solution is content marketing.


Especially for the previous few years, content marketing has specifically gained plenty of recognition. However, the majority of people don’t really perceive what content marketing is. Or they simply suppose that content marketing could be a totally different quite packaging, however, content marketing is sort of totally different from traditional marketing.

 Content marketing the method is slightly different. Rather than directly driving your product, you first provide a lot of value to the customer.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Therefore, these three words are extremely important – valuable, relevant and relevant content. Like any other marketing strategy, you need to be relevant to the audience


For example, let’s say if you are selling electronic Items,  But if you are showing your advertisement or if you’re showing your content to an audience who is more interested in herbal products, then definitely no one will buy your product. So your content needs to be relevant, it needs to be valuable. 


So the quality of the content must be really high and it needs to be consistent.  You have to produce high quality content that is relevant, and that too on a consistent basis so that your customers can create a bond with your content or rather a bond with your business or you.


Let’s take the example of the series.  Series is also a place where people are producing content.  So let’s say your favorite series stops posting videos.  So you might wait for the videos for a week or a month, but after a month you’ll just lose interest and you’ll move to the next best thing, right?


Similarly, this is often wherever the consistency is extraordinarily vital. Thus this is often why you would like to provide top quality relevant content, that on an even basis to your audience so as to stay their attention. 

1. Content

2.Distribution of that content.


Let’s take an example to explain content marketing.

Suppose- My goal is to provide digital marketing to various services. So that is why I will create a free digital marketing course. Our of hundreds and thousands of people who will take this free course, a few of them will contact me and hire me for their business for their marketing needs. So this where I’ll be making money. So by providing a free course,


 I will be getting few specific leads, who might require more personalized service and hence, they would then be hiring me for the paid plans. So this is where content marketing is coming into place.


Contents that I will give to the audience for free so that I can get those consulting leads.


So when we are talking about content marketing, we tend to aren’t simply that specialize in one single area of marketing. Rather, we tend to first ought to perceive wherever our target consumers are. So optimize a strategy.


Like in the case of Travel Company, they know that majority of their customers will be coming from Google search engine. Like look at this article: “tourist places in Delhi”, “best places to visit in Kerala”, “places to visit in India”… so anyone who is thinking of going to a particular place, The majority of people have the tendency to first search. 


So what will they search for? Either they search for the best places to visit in the XYZ place- wherever they are going or they might be looking for the various tourist places, so these are the keywords they are targeting.


That is why they need an article written for this. Equally, they need written all the articles for all the search queries, which could have an acquisition intent in terms of holiday.  In order that is why they need to be ready to drive organic traffic.


Like let’s see the traffic here on SimilarWeb. That’s a 3.1 million of oral traffic, see majority of the traffic is coming back from computer programme optimization. 

Therefore, for them, content promoting is primarily targeted a lot of on computer programme optimization. Therefore, after we square measure talking concerning content promoting, as i discussed earlier similarly, the content should be prime quality.


Valuable content is far lot of important than compared to really mediocre content. And additionally with the competition, therefore fierce, most are moving to the net promoting channel, therefore you’ll see that you simply aren’t the sole one World Health Organization is attempting to grab the eye of your prospective customer.


You also have totally different businesses and lots of different people competitory for same people and for same attention. therefore so as to face out you wish to give lots of value which too in a very manner that’s simply approachable. The whole idea of content promoting lies during this vital human psychology of reciprocity.


You have many different businesses and many different people competing for the same people and for the same attention. So to stand out, you need to give a lot of value and that too in a way that is easily understandable. The whole idea of content marketing is rooted in this very important human psychology of reciprocity.


That if you offer something for free, that if you provides a lot a value, then the people have this tendency, or they feel the need to convey back. Therefore, when you give so much value for free, people begin trusting you.


What kind of content can you create for your content marketing efforts?

 Here I have listed some kind of content that you can create and promote for your content marketing efforts.

1. List articles.

   Top 10 tips to weigh-

 Top 10 tips to lose weight,

 Top 7 ways to make money


2. Interviews,

You can find Industry experts and interview them and then you can promote the interview.


3. Case Studies –

You can create case studies– case studies is something that has a massive potential of going viral.

Case studies are something that everyone would like to read. So case studies are something extremely important, if you can promote them, then you can really get a massive viral effect.


4. Inforgraphic

Infographic is definitely something you can focus on. And not just the basic infographic. You can even go one step ahead and make any


Type of infographic.

Like in this case, this particular example here, how car engine works?

The article that actually from which this infographic was created, just because of this animated infographics, they were able to drive 1,000+ referring domains just for that particular article.

That’s a huge amount of backlinks. So this article alone, must have increased their organic traffic.


5. How to

Similarly, you can create “how-to” types of articles, so humor is also something that has the potential of going viral.


6. Checklists/Worksheets.                                                                                                             

You can create checklists/worksheets for your audience, any kind of checklist that can help your audience or make their job easier. Like in my case, I really believe in SEO or search engine optimization, and that is why I created an SEO audit checklist. And I am giving it away for free to my audience.                                                                                     


Because I know SEO is something one way is complex, and SEO audit, in particular, is a more complex area. So by giving my audience a checklist, it makes their work so much easier.



8. Review or Comparison.                                                                                                        

Similarly, you can create a review or a comparison.

Let’s say you are a  business and you have multiple competitors then you can write an article why your product or service is better than your competitor’s. Because people tend to search this as well.


8. Ultimate guides-

Who are really popular, especially Neil Patel was writing a lot of ultimate guides. Ultimate guides are nothing, however writing a awfully detailed, comprehensive, piecemeal, easy-to-understand article on one in all the foremost standard topics on your websites or blog.

Just by looking out the keyword “ultimate guide” you’ll see that there’s such a big amount of ultimate guide on the net. 

So- there’s Neil Patel “creating an ultimate guide and using them to build your marketing list”.


9. Videos and the Podcasts.

Video and podcast are something growing like crazy.


10. Book-

Writing a book is something that is still relevant.

So content marketing is a  three-stage process. So first is coming up with, you’ve got to set up you have to choose what reasonably content to write, research concerning it, resources, and everyone. Secondly, is to publish the content, and the third is the promotion of the content.

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