What is Black Fungus – Mucormycosis Infection and Its Treatment?

What is Black Fungus - Mucormycosis?
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What is black fungal-Mucormycosis infection?

People are already scared much due to Coronavirus. Now the black fungus, also known as mucormycosis, is infecting those infected with coronavirus, and those who are well now, symptoms of this unseen and lethal disease are beginning to appear.  In this article today, we will give you information about this dangerous disease, its symptoms and whether it is necessary to take a prescription.

Black fungus is a very rare infectious disease. It mainly manufactures itself in soil, manure, plants, rotten fruits, and vegetables. Many big experts say that it occurs everywhere, even in the nose and mucus of a healthy human.

Steroids are very useful in treating severe coronavirus-infected patients and to reduce inflammation in the lungs. When the immune system becomes very active in the body to fight the coronavirus, then it protects the body from harm.

However, it reduces immunity and significantly increases the level of sugar in patients with diabetes or without diabetes.

Doctors and experts believe that the immunity system becomes much weaker in patients who got the infection or those who have recovered. This is the reason why the infection of black fungus disease has started spreading at such a pace.


Who is getting infected by Black Fungus (After Covid)?

Within the last 10 to 15 days, this disease is happening to people who have or had coronavirus.


Doctors say that the disease has become much more active in the second wave of coronavirus and it is gradually increasing the number of its victims.

This disease is soon infecting people who already have a disease or whose immune system is weak.


People are losing their eyesight due to this disease, and in some of its serious patients, their nose and jaw have a need to be cut off from the patients’ body to cure it.


Black Fungus Infection (Mucor Mycosis) Symptoms

The infection of black fungus disease starts having sinusitis problem and many more symptoms started appearing inside the infection.


Some of the major symptoms of this disease are as follows.

  • Nasal congestion
  • Dark-colored water or bleeding on the inside of the nose
  • Jaw pain
  • Half-face or full-face numbness
  • Swelling on half or full face
  • toothache
  • Toothed teeth
  • fever
  • skin rash
  • Gradually less visible to the eye
  • Chest pain
  • having trouble breathing

Black Fungus Infection (Mucor Mycosis) Treatment


If you witness any symptoms of this disease contact a doctor or get antifungal therapy as soon as possible. Most people who come in contact with this disease are losing their lives.


 Experts believe that 50 percent of those who are coming in contact with this disease are dying and the remaining 50 percent of people are recovering from this disease.


Black Fungal Infection ICMR

The Indian council of medical research (ICMR) regarding the prevention of black fungus disease and some other necessary precautions has officially issued an advisory

After recovery of the corona, keep in mind important things-

  • In case you diabetic, then you will have the highest risk of getting the black fungal disease and that is why it is essential to keep your blood sugar under control first to keep this disease under control.
  • The doctor advises you to take steroids, then it is very important to take them at the right time, and in addition to that, keep in mind the amount and duration of taking them.
  • You have to use clean and very clean water while doing oxygen therapy.
  • It is mandatory for you to take important precautions while using antibiotics and antifungals.


Important precautions for black fungus or Mucormycosis disease prevention-

  • Use a mask before visiting a place with extremely dusty soil.
  • Keep your feet covered while doing more gardening in the fields, and cover the hands and feet completely and if possible, use gloves.
  • Bath daily and keep cleaning the houses and all the things that are in your use.


Follow all types of safety standards to avoid coronavirus and black fungal disease and do not let yourself and your family feel discouraged in these odd situations.


Q: When did the black fungus or Mucormycosis disease start?

ANS: – The disease started in the second wave of coronavirus.

Q: What problems do the infected patients of Black Fungus Disease experience?

ANS: – There is also a danger of light loss of eyes and death of the eyes.

Q: Is black fungus disease happening only to corona-infected patients?

ANS: – Both Corona infected patients and recovered patients.

Q: Is black fungus disease fatal?

ANS: – This disease is very deadly and the number of infections in the country is increasing gradually.

Q: What is the treatment for black fungus disease?

ANS: – cure it timely by detection of symptoms.



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