Coviself: Test Yourself For Covid at Home. How Is It Works?

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In a recent development, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has approved the country’s first self-testing kit “coviself” for home use for suspected COVID-19 patients. According to reports, this kit will reduce the burden on existing laboratories, reduce stress on the labor required for home testing, and provide quick results.

A healthcare company knows as Mylab is the developer of the home test kit.

These kits are already in use in many countries. The US drug regulator – the Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA) approved the home testing kit in November 2020. At that time, cases of corona infection were slowly gaining momentum. In such a situation, the government wanted the burden on the health system not to increase and people should get the facility of testing only by staying in their homes.

There was also a demand in India for the approval of home testing kits. Eventually, the ICMR has approved the home testing kit.

Let’s know what is this test kit? What are its benefits? How are they useful in India to prevent corona?

What is coviself home testing kit?

Right now you have to have rapid antigen or RT-PCR or a similar test to get a corona test done. All these tests require medical experts and labs.

Corona’s home test kit is the easy choice. It is like a pregnancy test kit. You can do a corona test by simply adding a sample. Through these test kits, anyone can do a corona test at home without the help of any lab or medical expert. If your result is positive, then you have to follow the Covid protocol. Incase of negative and symptoms persist, then you will have to undergo an RT-PCR test.

How does this kit work?

This test kit works on a lateral flow test. You put the sample taken from your nose into the tube. There is already some liquid present in the tube. The tube goes inside the kit where the liquid is within an absorbent pad. Through this pad, the liquid travels to a bandage where antibodies already recognizing the bodies of the coronavirus are present.

If you Covid positive, these antibodies become active and the kit shows you a positive result. The app and your email also receive the test report.

How can you use coviself corona home test kit?

ICMR recommends using this kit only for those who have symptoms of Covid or have come in contact with a person infected with Covid.

You can buy this test kit at a medical store or online. After purchasing the test kit, install the app mentioned on the kit on your mobile. You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The tutorial for the usage of coviself kit will be on the app or on the packaging of the kit. In the app, you can also. After the test, you have to click a photo of the kit from the same mobile with the app.

The app has a direct link to Corona Testing’s central portal. Whatever the result of your test, it will be directly updated in the portal. During this entire process, your privacy is safe. Information like your mobile number, the test result are safe.

How to test?

First of all, download the app on your phone and register.

Dry your hands well after sanitizing. Sanitize the place you are about to test well.

Now open the coviself test kit. The kit will have an instruction guide, a stick to take the swab, an extraction tube, a test card, and a disposable bag to dispose of everything after the test is complete.

Bring the liquid already filled in the extraction tube to the bottom of the tube. The liquid of the tube can spread during the transport of the kit, this may also affect your test result.

Now open the swab stick and while holding it with the plastic end, insert it into both the nostrils 5-5 times. Be careful not to put the stick in too much. 2-4 centimeters is enough.

Now insert the swab into the extraction tube. Keep in mind that the swab is completely immersed in the liquid already present in the tube.

The swab stick will have a soft spot, break the stick from there and close the lid of the extraction tube.

After shaking the extraction tube well, pour 2 drops of liquid onto the test card. The test card will be like a pregnancy test kit. Now, wait 15-20 minutes.

Take a photo of the test card through the app. There will be a small display on the test card, which will have C and T written on it. If a red-colored line is coming in front of C, it means that your test is negative.

Incase the red color line is coming in front of both C and T, then your test result is positive. If no line is visible in front of C, then your test is invalid. You will have to test again.

After your test is complete, dispose of everything properly in the disposal bag.

How accurate are the results of coviself?

The accuracy of the home test kit results is 70-80% as compared to the test done in the lab. Taking a sample incorrectly, taking a test within 1-2 days of becoming infected can also be the cause of a negative report. Experts believe that even though the method of doing both tests is the same, the accuracy of the test is different.

Why is this kind of test kit necessary for India?

At present, India is second to the US in terms of active cases. The second wave of Corona has caused shortages in hospitals from beds or oxygen. The focus of government is also testing the maximum number of the population so that the exact number of infected people can be known. Such a home test kit will increase the test as well as reduce the pressure on the test centers. At present, the services of medical experts who engaged in the testing of corona will be able to be replaced.

However, its efficacy is not 100 percent and has chances of false negatives, even if a person has COVID-19.

The principle it follows is a rapid antigen test, where a nasal swab sample is tested for the virus and gives results within 15 minutes.


What is the price of the new covid-19 home test kit?

It is reportedly said that the kit will cost Rs 250.

Which company in India has developed a new COVID-19 test kit?

Mylab situated in Pune has developed the Covid-19 test kit.

How many Corona test kits have MyLabs from Pune, India made so far?

Current production capacity is 70 lakh kits per week, it plans to scale up to one crore kits per week in the next fortnight.

Can we trust the MyLab developed Coronavirus testing kit?

Its efficacy is not 100 percent and has chances of false negatives even if a person has COVID-19.


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